Month: July 2021

Episode 043 – The Importance Of Followup

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up. These are essentially the 3 steps to success in growing your business. In this episode, we talk about how you should focus on follow up with your clients and prospects. https://www.bluecowmarketing.ca/automate/

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Episode 042 – You Need Youtube In Your Life

Do you feel disorganized in your business, in your marketing. Can’t find out where you are at with your projects? This disorganization is killing your productivity and your bottom line.

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Episode 041 – What To Invest In Marketing

Are you struggling with what to invest in your marketing. How much money should you spend? What’s the time commitment? These are all very much great questions that are answered in this episode.

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Special Edition – Stop Ignoring Your Social Media

We see it all too often, business owners are ignoring their social media. Not putting enough attention into it because they don’t think it has value or will give them a return. This is a BIG MISTAKE. You NEED to have a social presence. Book Your Social Consult Here: https://keap.app/booking/jodyreid/social-media-onboarding

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Episode 040 – Ways To Scale Your Small Business

Scaling your small business doesn’t have to be hard, it just needs to be smart. In this episode, Jody and Shaun speak about the important factors that play into scaling your business.

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