Month: September 2021

Episode 55 – Your Response Time Impact

The time it takes you to respond to an inquiry to your business could very well be one of the biggest reasons your business is not growing. In this episode, we talk about the importance of response times.

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Episode 054 – Cure The Cancer Of Two-Minute Tasks

A business is infected with the cancer of 2-minute tasks whenever a business owner finds themselves thinking, or saying: “I’ll do that. It’ll only take 2 minutes.” The topic “Cure the cancer of two-minute tasks” will help business owners minimize the cancer of 2-minute tasks and give their business a fighting chance against it spreading….

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Episode 053 – Use The AIDA Framework In Your Business

The AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire & Action) is a foundational way to approach your marketing. We talk in-depth about this in this episode.

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Episode 052 – How To Get & Manage Reviews

Your business can live or die from reviews. So how do you get them? When is the right time to ask? What do you do when you get a negative one? This episode is all about this very important topic.

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Episode 051 – When To Fire A Client

Let’s face it. Not all clients are a fit for you. Sometimes, it’s not until you start working with them that you realize this. All too often, people wait too long to end that relationship, sometimes never at all. In this episode, we talk about understanding the red flags and when should you fire your…

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