Month: November 2021

Episode 063 – How To Use Instagram To Increase Sales

You have an Instagram account and you want to use it to grow your sales? Do you keep posting about a sale? NO. In this episode, Shaun talks about ways to build interest in your product, service and brand without being a cheesy salesperson on Instagram.

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Episode 062 – Chatbots vs Live Chat

People are impatient and they want information immediately If that’s an answer to their questions about a product or service, or a tech support request. The use of Chatbots & Live Chat has been increasingly popular in small business. This episode we look at these two topics.

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Episode 061 – How To Sell a Product In The Present Day

Selling products both online and in person is different these days. There are many different factors that come into play when someone decides to commit to a purchase. In this episode, we speak exactly about this topic.

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Episode 60 – Educate With Your Content

It’s important that you educate your audience with the content they consume. This episode will help make sure you’re doing it right! We discuss the challenges most people face when coming up with content or their marketing.

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