Shaun Whynacht

Episode 005 – The Mistakes You're Making With Your Email

The shift in email marketing is real and what you need to focus on to grow your professional business needs to change in order to better leverage email. It’s a secondary (would you like sprinkles on that ice cream) method of communication. I explain all that in this episode.

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Episode 004 – What are the different type of content you can leverage?

There are many different types of content to leverage in your professional business, but what are they? This episode I walk you through what I would consider to be the top content modalities you can use.

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Episode 003 – How To Find Your Content Ideas

Your content ideas are everywhere in your business. When you start to become aware to it and condition yourself to document them as they happen, you will have a never ending library of content to pull from when it comes time to make your next piece of awesome content.

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Episode 002 – Resetting Your Mindset

At the root of your ability to scale your business is your mind. The way you think about yourself, your business and what you have to offer others can be greatly increased by resetting your mindset each and every morning. This is something we aren’t conditioned to do naturally as humans, but when it’s practiced…

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Episode 001 – What is Content Amplification

This episode is the welcome to the beginning of a journey together. We will be exploring content, how to leverage technology to make your content even more awesome, and most importantly how to amplify your reach while reducing the time needed to do that.

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